View Full Version : Display the name of custom video format

July 7, 2008, 20:34:37
I am using the sample app with a camera that has custom video formats.

The custom video formats are displayed as their GUIDs in the sample application.

Is there a easy way for the Image control code to recognize those custom video formats and display their name in string in the sample app.

thank you very much

Stefan Geissler
July 8, 2008, 09:21:35
Hi Axu,

The built in device selection dialog can not be changed, but there is a sample "Making Device Settings" in your IC Imaging Control installation path, that shows how to create this dialog. You could enhance this dialog, thus it shows the video formats as "readable" formats. The GUID's second group of chars usually shows the fourcc (e.g. "UYVY") in hexadecimal writing.

I thing the resolution of the video format can not be read out from the GUID. May be you can post some sample GUIDs and also what you think they represent?

You may refer to http://www.fourcc.org/. There all known fourcc formats are listed and documented.