View Full Version : grabberPimpl line 580? Camera after erred in code..HELP

June 15, 2008, 17:27:40
I am writing some code to use a camera, and it has been working fine. I wrote some code that doesnt affect the camera, except that when I tested the first version it failed out after the camera had been instantiated. When I went to go back in, I get the message
DshowLib error cannot startLive
grabberPimpl.cpp error at line 580

Does anyone know what this means and why it makes my camera inactive? I even hard reboot and have unistalled and reinstalled drivers and it does not allow it to start again.

Now the odd part, after a few hours it appears to allow it to 'reset' and will then allow me to load the camera up again. I can recreate the error, but I am desperate to find out how to avoid it. I don't want some random problem that occurs when the camera is active to stop it from working for hours....

If no one has any idea, does anyone at least know where I can locate the source for grabberPimpl or find out what line 580 does?


Stefan Geissler
June 16, 2008, 14:06:04
Hi Jerod,

For this DShowlib exception more than one reason can be responsible.

Problem with the video capture device: If the video capture device has problems it may does not answer correctly. In this case the live video stream can not be started. This problem can also be caused by a defective FireWire cable. It is recommended to try another FireWire cable. It is also a good idea to check the video capture device on another computer whether it works. Sometimes a computer restart or disconnect and reconnecting of the camera solves the problem.

Application problem: It is recommended to check the video capture device with IC Capture. If IC Capture delivers a live video stream, then there is a problem in the application that causes the error message. May be a reinstallation of this application can solve the error.

Color conversion: Sometimes the video format of the camera can not be converted to the needed output formats. In this case another desktop color depth should be tried.

Bandwidth limitation: The error implies that either there is not enough bandwidth for the camera or the the camera is used by another application.

1394b FireWire board Windows XP SP2 has a bug concerning 1394b support. Please refer to the following link and download and install the hotfix that is decribed on the page:


At least, I do not know, what you are doing and what camera you use, thus I would need some more details. If you do not want to do this in public you can contact me at: http://www.imagingcontrol.com/support/case/