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May 8, 2008, 19:40:39
Dear Support,

I'm currently testing the MV SDK and very pleased with the results. Really helps developing aps. But I ran into some difficultys trying to make use of the network filters suppied with the SDK.
Especially the "MV Network Source" filter causes me headaches.. I'm using the MV Workbench to connect all my filters.
My filter setup is something like: MV Network Source -> MV YUV to RGB -> Video Renderer
While in the workbench everything works fine. Connection between Renderer and Source is fine.. Even the formats are shown properly. But trouble starts, when I save the .mvp and try to load it from my C# project.
Suddenly, the 2 filters after the "Network Source" filter are disconnected (checked this with ExportFilterGraph after getting no image in my MVSmartControl).
I attached two screenshots with the state of my filters "before" and "after" loading the .mvp.

After taking a look at the documentation, I think it has something to do with MV Network Source not accepting connections to its output pin while not having recieved mediatype information.
Is there any solution to keep those filters connected while using only one mvp configuration file?
I'm stuck... Hope someone can help me with this.

Tanks & Greets,

PS: I'm quite new to DirectShow and everything around it, so I apologize myself if this is a newbie question..

August 28, 2008, 14:15:55

I have exactly same problem? Could you help us, because our company is just about to buy your product in Enterprise edition, and we need a very quick solution to decide about useness of your library.

Much thanks!

September 26, 2008, 16:12:48
Have you tried using the filter events and when the MVNetworkSource filter is created wait till you have recieved a MediaType before continuing the rest of the graph?