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May 3, 2008, 04:28:14
:) I would like to thank John Berryman, over at The Imaging Source in Charlotte, USA for a swift replacement. The replacement works perfectly and am very pleased with the product.

My posts can be good reference for anyone that may(hopefully not) experience the same issue and not have to lose a lot of time.

The simplest thing to look for when plugging in the camera is the windows chime you hear when the camera connects, of course don't install the windows generic driver, cancel that and install from the CD.

All is well here, and I hope I can produce some pleasing images.


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DBK 31AF03.AS - won't connect:

I tried it on four computers, A laptop OS Vista, and three XP Pro Desktops, desktops used a 6pin to 6pin firewire connection, and the laptop I used the CA-1394-64/PJ/2 cable accessory. Also tried connecting to laptop via a Bytecc firewire Expresscard, I used a 12V adapter for power. The camera exterior would warm, but no connection detection notice popped up, nothing. Then I tried the CD to see if the wizard would load the drivers, but I got the "Connect Devices" no camera detected message. How can I tell if the camera is defective or not, it's very frustrating not knowing if I'm doing something wrong still, or if the camera is faulty.

Please help


May 3, 2008, 19:06:50
I've exhausted all I can think of to get the camera to work, I've increased voltage connecting it with a 15V 1 amp power adapter, center positive. I've gone through software to see if plug&play was stopped or not, looked through Device Manager for a listed camera of any type - nothing. With the correct cable and power, on a new computer, the camera doesn't get recognized, I don't hear the typical windows "chime", all it does is warm on the outside a little ... what am I missing? I've tried the camera on three desktop computers via Belkin 6 pin to 6 pin cable - same results ...

Never the less - it doesn't load on the laptop with the CA-1394-64/PJ/2 cable and proper power source.

Any Ideas?