View Full Version : Visual Studio 2005 (vc8)/Vista DShow.h issues

March 27, 2008, 22:27:31
Hi guys,

I know this seems to be a fairly common problem, but I've tried pretty much everything the other posts say, as well as some other "googled" solutions. I also snagged the Platform SDK, and DirectX SDK as suggested in your dshow_header.h comments. I added those to the include directories to no avail. Thus I still get the classic:
Error 26 fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'DShow.h': No such file or directory

I know for a fact that it's in the Platform SDK directory because i can see it there, but for some reason it still doesn't find it. Here's my include directories:

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft DirectX SDK (March 2008)\Include"
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Platform SDK\Include"
"C:\Program Files\The Imaging Source Europe GmbH\IC Imaging Control 3.0\classlib\include"

Am I missing something glaring?


Stefan Geissler
March 28, 2008, 08:52:59

did you add the directory "C:\Program Files\Microsoft DirectX SDK (March 2008)\Include" in the include files list of your Visual Studio:
Menu "Tools" -> Options -> Projects and Solutions -> VC++ Directories ?

March 28, 2008, 17:57:32
Hi Stefan,

I tried adding the DirectX SDK to the Visual Studio Include list, and that didn't work. Interesting enough, I then added the Platform SDK to that list, and viola, it works. I actually thought that the project include directories performed the same function except on just the project scale instead of all projects. I guess that's not the case.

Thanks for your help.



Stefan Geissler
March 31, 2008, 07:39:12

sometimes it is strange enough. But usually adding the include directories will help, but the sequence can cause problems. The DirectShow SDK include should not be the first in the list.