View Full Version : DFG/1394-1: some lines of the pictures are black

January 29, 2008, 16:15:52
I am using a DFG 1394 FireWire converter under LabView to grab picture. During some acquisitions, only the lines of one half frame of the image are correctly saved. The other lines are black. This problem appears randomly: sometimes, all the lines are saved, sometime not. The two images attached with this post are a small region (I tried to crop the same region for the example) of a "good" image with all the lines and a "bad" image with those black lines (the full size images are here: http://n.ethz.ch/~gbugnard/ImagingSource/)

I also attached the code I used to generate these images. I want to precise, that the two pictures attached have been taken with exactly the same properties, in the same program. The video signal coming in the converter is an S-Video PAL signal. And it doesn't seem that the camera is broken or has some problem, because the image on the Live display hasn't these black lines.



Stefan Geissler
January 29, 2008, 17:39:55

If you start too fast, you will only receive the first half image of the interlaced image. In fact, the first image provided by the converter seems to have only the even or odd interlaced field. I suggest to throw away the first frame and save the second delivered image.