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December 27, 2007, 14:22:32

I've recently bought a dmk31af03 camera, to replace a philpps SPC900.
My computer is a laptop MacBook Pro, with MacOS X leopard and Windows XP sp2 installed in a dual boot configuration.

On Windows XP, I've plugged the camera through the firewire-6pins port, installed the Imaging source driver and IC Capture software.
Launching the software, the camera is correctly recognized, but then an error message is telling me that "the camera may be used by another process or there is not enough bandwidth in my firewire bus", and the camera preview access is refused, then.

- I get this error when trying to open the camera viewer in 30 and 15 fps.
- the error disapears when I open the camera viewer in 7.50 fps, it seems to work then.

A supply power issue then? May be not...

1 - I plugged the camera through a firewire hub with 12V power supply (the powertank battery I'm using for my telescope). It doesn't change anything. It still doesn't want to start with 15 or 30 fps.

2 - I installed Astro IIDC on Mac OSX to see if the problem is the same on MacOS : there is no problem, the camera viewer can be opened in 15 and 30 fps.

3 - I also installed this camera on another computer : a desktop Mac-mini, on Windows XP sp2 : it does work correctly, whatever the initial given fps is.

Is someone has the same configuration and problem?
I would like to say it may be a power issue but, once again, plugging a power supply doesn't change anything, and power supply or not, it does work correctly on MacOS X, in 30 fps.


Stefan Geissler
January 2, 2008, 12:44:48
Hi neywen,

I suppose it is the FireWire 800 interface on your MacBook pro. The hotfix can be downloaded from: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/885222

I hope, this helps on your computer.

Unfortunately we do not have a MacBook pro running Windows in our company.

January 2, 2008, 23:19:28
Yeah, that was the good answer! It seems to work perfectly now, although I couldn't really test it yet caus' it's so cloudy over here tonight, but at least, the camera starts in 30fps now!
Thanks a lot for your help.