View Full Version : Difference between PCI grabber and USB converter

December 7, 2007, 15:56:31
I have kept an eye on the company's products for some time, knowing that when the ducks line up, I'm going to be doing a large image-capture project.
There are tons of devices out there, but I like the idea of buying the hardware and software from the same company. I don't need any compatibility headaches. :)

I'm confused by your terminology of grabbers v.s. converters.
I'm ultimately interested in a USB-based image capture device because of the simplicity of assembly.

Functionally, doesn't your USB converter do the same thing as the PCI grabber - namely, still image and motion video capture?


[reference: DFG/USB2-lt USB device]

Stefan Geissler
December 10, 2007, 08:11:28

We do use the term "converter", if the live video stream is converted to USB or FireWire. At least, both converters are grabbers and digitize the incoming live stream as a PCI grabber does. The functionality and the software interface of these converters is the same. If you would use IC Imaging Control for your software, you can handle all of these devices with the same program. Only some parameters like gamma etc may differ, because the different devices have differenc A/D chips.