View Full Version : Live view screen freezing

December 3, 2007, 15:03:42
I am using my DMK21AU04 USB camera on a Coronado PST, and the live preview screen keeps freezing, so I can't focus properly. It seems to record avi's ok. I have only had the camera a few days, and was wondering if anybody had some idea what the problem is (properly me)?

Thanks in advance

Bob White

Stefan Geissler
December 3, 2007, 15:52:14

the AVI capture has a higher priority than the live display. Thus you can not see the live video due to AVI capture. If the used codec is fast or you use a fast computer, then the live video will be displayed too. I have the same issue on my AMD 1600+ when I use the old MJPEG Compressor.

December 3, 2007, 18:36:39
Hi Stefan

Thanks for the quick reply. I was trying to focus with live view, and then record an avi. Perhaps I was recording in the background without realiasing. I will check again tomorrow, weather permitting.


December 4, 2007, 14:22:30
Had another go today focusing on plants at bottom of garden (overcast and wet here today), and everything worked just as it should do. I am using codec Y800.
I didn't use a IR filter that I have yesterday, won't screw in 1.25" adapter and I don't want to risk cross threads. I can make up a temparory adapter, using the lower half of an eyepiece so I can screw in the IR filter, just have to wait for weather to clear.
Has anybody else had problems using un-filtered H-alpha with a Coronado PST or similar type of scopes.