View Full Version : MV Network Source issue

James Wise
August 7, 2007, 07:53:36
Hey all,

I am having some problems using the MV Network Source filter.
I construct the filter graph, and set the porperties of the MVNetworkSource Filter, then i check to see if i am receiving an MV_STREAM_INCOMING message.

Now this all works fine the first time i do it, however when i do the exact same thing a second, third, fourth etc.. time, i always get a MV_STREAM_IDLE state??

If i kill my application and use the MV Workbench to look for the incoming stream it finds the stream and sets the appropriate status, so i know the stream is still coming in ok.

I previously had this working in an MFC based application, but i am now porting the application to the Qt framework, and have encountered this problem. The class that implements and calls my "isStreamIncoming()" function is destroyed between attempts to detect the incoming stream.
(although i'm not sure if i entirely trust the Qt framework to fully destroy the objects)

Any hints tips or suggestions would be most appreciated.