View Full Version : DFW-X710 v1.11A

July 20, 2007, 17:45:59
I have developed a vb2005 applcation using IC Imaging Control version 3.01.
This application uses 5 cameras (TIS).
I have connected 2 camera DFW-X710 v1.11A (driver 2.1) but for my application they are not connected.
Plese help my.

Stefan Geissler
July 23, 2007, 09:15:32
The IC Imaging Control license you got for free with your DFK 21F04 is limited to The Imaging Source video capture devices. This means it can only detect The Imaging Source manufactured devices. The professional version of IC Imaging Control can detect all WDM devices. The trial version and the precompiled IC Imaging Control demo applications are built with the professional version of IC Imaging Control, so they can detect all kind of WDM video capture devices.

If you want you application detecting all WDM devices, you must purchase a IC Imaging Control Professional license.
For more details, please look here: http://www.imagingcontrol.com/buy/