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June 13, 2007, 20:54:33
Good afternoon to all
please may someone help me to write the best code for following problem,i've tried hard without results.
i have a form with two picture box , i need to acquire,show and process two images: the first acquired in trigger mode (exposure time 60ms) then i want
(without to wait for another trigger) acquire another image (exposure time 1ms) at the end of cycle i must have two buffers with images showed in picturebox 1 and 2.
i think the total time is :
delay fro trigger+first integration 60ms+ transfer time (1/frame rate)+second exposure time 1ms + transfer time, is it right?

Stefan Geissler
June 14, 2007, 09:38:32

The main problem is, that you can not disable the external trigger without stopping and starting the live video. Thus you will loose some time between your two capture. Thus you would need some more time as you have calculated.

June 18, 2007, 22:53:52
please continue in "http://www.theimagingsourceforums.com/showthread.php?p=21391#post21391"

(I use VB, not C++ Sorry)