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March 30, 2007, 00:11:23
... comparing images taken ...

Hi Technical Support from www.astronomycameras.com,

You as the producer of the cameras can maybe enlighten me about the so called resolution loss when imaging with a monochrome camera together with LRGB filters and a one shot color camera.

In the amateur Astronomy ambient exists the fact that if I image with a one shot color camera and compare the images taken with a monochrome camera together with a LRGB filter set, that the one shot color camera image has less resolution.

The loss of resolution theory is based on the fact that there is an interpolation of information in order to get 100% of the pixels in color.

I also have heard about the fact that the images do not look as sharp, but sharpness and resolution are 2 different pair of shoes, as you say in Germany :D

Do you have made an empirical analisis of this behaviour in order to see what is going on?

This is quite an important issue in the amateur Astronomy ambient.

Thanks in advance for your comments

best regards Rainer

Stefan Geissler
March 30, 2007, 10:09:10

It is correct: The interpolation of colors mixes neighbored pixels, thus the local pixel is a little bit blurred. Depending on the used algorithm for debayering, these blurr effects can be reduced. Programs like "AVIRAW" and "IC CAPTURE" provide some of them. For more details, you may have a look a following link:

The original link of Mr. Ting Chen seems no longer available. (http://www-ise.stanford.edu/~tingchen/main.htm).

We did no analysis on our own.