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March 9, 2007, 20:35:26

I used my DMK31AF03.AS to image Saturn the other night. I got excellent results, better than my my TouCam Pro II that I have used for a year or two. I recorded in all modes as a test to see which one is best. I have a question on settings. I am not in fron of the program, so forgive me if I make an incorrect reference. In the beginiing, under either settings or properties, you pick the format. Y800, BY8, and UYVY. There is also a pulldown box in the middle that has this. Under the video capture mode (something something toggle) another box comes up with a settings box. Inside this is a selection for no compression. Under this is rgb24, rgb32, and UYVY. For me to process an image under registax in color, the main setting was UYVY and the no compression was UYVY as well. However this mode has a limit of 15 fps. The Saturn image was great, however I don't think this is the optimized setting for imaging Saturn. So,
1) Should all imaging runs be under Y800?
2) If so, what format should be used UYVY?
3) How do you get the color back after the AVI file is captured? (Maybe I have not read the instructions enough!)
4) If you use UYVY instead of Y800 and pick no compression UYVY is this a no compression run with the camera interpreting the color?
5) The UYVY, UYVY setting I used created 2.6 gig files, registax could only open maybe a gig. How do I decrease file size? (Y800 and read instructions?)
6) I can decrease file size by stepping down to 800x600 or 640x480, but ther e is no option in the software. The brocure says you can with this camera. How?

Thanks for addressing these. I can send you the Saturn I took on my first run .
Dan Llewellyn
Telescope Atlanta

March 9, 2007, 20:42:45
Hey, I see you can attach files. Here is my Saturn.

Dan Llewellyn
Telescope Atlanta