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dan yurovsky
March 5, 2007, 02:33:34
Hi guys,

I'm trying to use Imaging Control software to capture images from many (at least 6) Logitech QuickCam for Notebooks Pro video cameras. When I use LiveDisplay 3to4 of the cameras get updated every cycle but the rest do not refresh. I thought perhaps it had to do with displaying the video so I turned LiveDisplay off and I still run into the same problem.

Do you have any idea if there is any way I can circumvent this problem?

Thanks for your help,

Stefan Geissler
March 5, 2007, 08:17:05
Hi Dan,

My first suspect is there is not enough bandwidth available for running 6 cameras parallel. As soon as startlive() or preparelive() are called, the bandwidth on the associated bus is allocated. If you are working on notebooks, you may use a second PCMCIA FireWire board.