View Full Version : Need help on Video Delay.

February 13, 2007, 19:36:04
Recently, I had a problem with the 2 seconds video delay when I use my prefer video card. Is this a compatible issue? Can it be solved?

Video Card That we use: Vampower 8
Card Info: http://www.apollodisplays.com/indcontroller.php?ctrlname=Vampower%208

1) It doesn't has any delay when running this graph out of the Workbench.
2) It doesn't has any delay when running this graph to other video card (Built in Intel 82945G Express Chipset) either from the Application or from the Workbench.
3) We tried to minimal the process in the application (Just run the graph without any other process) with no success (Still has delay)

Please advise if we can do it with out any delay.

Also, would it be possible to do the network render to multiple client address without knowing the client address beforehand. We would like any user to be able to connect and viewing the video at any time.