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January 12, 2007, 01:04:10
HI Stefan
When using IC Capture.AS and using an exposure of 1/30sec and a 30fps this obviously gives 30 frames each of 1/30sec exposure.What happens if I choose an exposure time of say 20 secs?, does the fps feature switch off and do I then just have one frame of 20 secs exposure and if so how does this differ from the single snap shot feature?.As you know with the .AS version exposures up to 60mins are possible, would this give 1 single (albeit very noisey) frame of 60 mins? I should have expected it but not had many clear nights since getting my camera to try these out for myself.

Stefan Geissler
January 12, 2007, 09:05:46
Hi Stefan,

If the exposure time is set to a longer value than 1/30 second, then the frame rate is reduced to 15 fps. If the exposure need more time, then the frame rate is adapted to the exposure time. This means, that you will get every 20 seconds get an image if the exposure time is 20 seconds. The fps feature plays no rule at these long exposure times.

There is no difference with the single snapshot feature (as far as I know). IC Capture will wait for the next incoming frame and saves it. Regardless how long it lasts.

I understan, waiting an hour for an image is not as funny :-) We tested this. The image is not as noisy. I suggest: Close the camera (as it as delivered) and start to expose for one hour. Go and drink some coffee. Then you may handle your shoppings :-) come back and see the image. I would use the automatic image sequence and set it to a 0 time intervall. Then all incoming images are saved.

March 13, 2007, 18:39:42
I did some testing on my DMK 21AF04 and posted some interesting findings here:

short url:

long url:


March 16, 2007, 07:14:54
Hi Gasman. Have you had the opportunity to try some long exposures yet?

If not here are a couple I grabbed last night.

Eta Carina: 26 frames @32 sec stacked in Registax 4 no wavelets with a bit of curves in PS
Omega Centauri 20 frames @ 29 sec. Stacked in Reg 4 no other processing
M104: 21 frames @ 55 sec. Stacked in Reg 4 no other processing.

No flats, darks or sharpenings. Apart from Eta Car all pretty much raw.

March 23, 2007, 21:30:10
Hi Paul
Pretty impressive stuff. Having trouble with my drive at the moment, think it got nudged off alignment the other day showing some friends doh!.
What scope do you use the DMK on?.:)

March 25, 2007, 00:14:21
From memory it was an Orion ED80 with a 0.5 Mogg focal reducer (http://http://www.webcaddy.com.au/astro/adapter.asp)

Here is one of Saturn taken a week or two ago using Baader RGB filters. 8" Meade SCT with 2.5x powermate.