View Full Version : about object tracking!!!

November 28, 2006, 21:59:31
i want develop an application with this features:
1. select an object on screen by click over video
2. tracking selected object
3. send data to RS232 port if object move on the screen (if move right , send right or direction)
4. send data to RS232 port if object is going out of screen. (if object go out from left side, send left)

note: sorry about my english writing... :(


Bernd Peretzke
December 8, 2006, 10:17:03

I don't know what kind of objects you want to track and how fast they are and how much of these objects are available. But you can use the MV Blob Counter Filter to find objects within your video image. For every object you get some informations, like hu invariants, size, color, .... Use this information to identify an object. For tracking you have to save the positions and verify the position from the past frames with the current frames. If you didn't have to much objects and this objects aren't to fast this could solve your problem. In some cases maybe you have to watch over more than two frames to decide whats going on with an object.

To select an object with the a mouseklick, you could use the mouse events from the MV Smart Control. Look at the LiveDraw sample how to get these events.