View Full Version : Why is IC3.0 trial version more "powerful" than Full version??

November 17, 2006, 09:25:18

I just got my DMK 31AF03 camera with full version software. I installed IC imaging Control 3.0 to replace the trial version.

Now, at the "device setting" page, it can detect DMK 31AF03 fine but can't find my another camera (from another brand) any more. When i use the trial version, this was never the case.

May I know what has been changed on the full version?? What should I do to get back the "lost" device info??:confused:

Thanks a lot!!!

Stefan Geissler
November 17, 2006, 10:29:52

You have discovered the difference between the free IC Imaging Control TIS license and IC Imaging Control professional, that is not for free. IC Imaging Control TIS comes for free with a The Imaging Source camera. Thus it will detect only The Imaging Source cameras. IC Imaging Control professional is not for free but can be used with nearly all WDM driven video capture devices.