View Full Version : ieee card problem

October 29, 2006, 08:04:35
If I use my Hama IEEE1394 PCMCIACard with a Pentium 4 Laptop the DFK 41BF2 is found. If I use it with a Sony Vayo Laptop, the Computer finds the Card, but not the Camera. But, if I connect the DFK 41BF with the AverMedia IEEE1394 Card everthing works fine. What is the Problem there??

Stefan Geissler
October 30, 2006, 16:34:08

May be the Hama card is an 800 MBit 1394b card. In order to use a 1394b FireWire interface, a Microsoft hotfix ( http://support.microsoft.com/kb/885222 )must be installed. I would guess the hotfix is already installed on your P IV Laptop. But this is only guessing. Sometimes some interfaces do not work with each available other hardware. Thus I do not know what the problem is.