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October 4, 2006, 18:50:49
I am testing out the Montivision 3.0 Trial Version. I want to test streaming video from one computer to another. I noticed that you have the Network Render and Network Source filters. When I first build my graph and do a Render/Source on the same machine it works great. However, if I try it with two computers I can't make a connection. The firewalls are both turned off and I'm just trying to do a simple MJPEG Compress/Decompress. When I type in the address of the server I get a ping of 0ms, but the light doesn't change from red to yellow/green. Does the trial version of Montivision not allow for Client/Server Streaming?

Marc Cymontkowski
October 6, 2006, 07:23:12

there should be no problem doing so. Just make sure that the network renderer in the sending graph is connected before you are tryint to connect the network source in the receiving graph. Also make sure that both filters have IPs and ports set right.

Best Regards,

Marc Cymontkowski