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September 27, 2006, 19:08:13
I have 3 cameras (2x "DBK 21F04" + 1x "DFK 21F04") connected to 2 firewire PCI cards. The reason is that I need all the firewire bus capacity to delivery 30 fps images in "DBKs" and 15 fps in "DFK".
In DFK camera I am trying to set the video format to "UYUV (640x480)" ...

DShowLib::InitLibrary( "**********");
tmp_Grabber = new DShowLib::Grabber();
DShowLib::Grabber* pGrabber = tmp_Grabber;
pGrabber->openDev("DFK 21FO4");
int a= pGrabber->setVideoFormat("UYUV (640x480)");
CString f = pGrabber->getLastError();

...well...when I try to set de videoformat a get an error in 'f' something like "invalid parameter" (I have not here the cameras and I don't rememeber the exact words) and a=0. therefore, in showDevicePage dialog it is set the first format of the list = "UYUV (320x240)", however, I can set the second list element by hand in the Device Dialog and it is set since then.
I need to make work "setVideoFormat"

Thanks :) :D


Stefan Geissler
September 28, 2006, 07:55:07
Hello Germán

The correct video foramt ist "UYVY", not "UYUV". You may use IC Capture or the Demoapplications to see which video formats are available.