View Full Version : sub divison of image in labview

September 17, 2006, 06:05:04
Dear Sir

I am having sony XCD-sx 910 digital firewire camera. I tried to get image through labview7.1 using icimagingcontrol 3.0.. I grab the image then calculate the centroid using labview VI... here I applied the centroid VI on the whole image... but in actual i want to apply the centroid function on sub divided image parts... lets us consider i have a image of size 512 x 512 pixel ..then i want to divide whole image into 256 equal part of 16 x16 pixels.then want to apply centroid Vi on these 256 parts....by this i get 256 centroid data for a single frame...i want this process remain active for rest of the incoming frame of the camera....Is it possible with Labview 7.1 ???

With regards

Dinesh kumar Meena