View Full Version : how to connect two filters' pin at run time?

September 11, 2006, 10:06:32

I have a application using one video capture source to serve multi client access via network. I use MV Network Renderer and MV Network Source for both server and client side.
The problem is that both filters can only set one ip(Server Address or Client Address, didn't work), I'm using mv graph on server side as following:

video capture source->
MV MJPEG Compressor->MV Splitter MV Network Renderer 1
MV Network Renderer 2
MV Network Renderer 3
MV Network Renderer 1 and 2 ,3 ... had been assgined different Server Address, send port number and render port number.
MV Splitter's pin output1,output2, output3.... have not been connected to MV Network Renderer 1,2,3.... input pin. I'm trying to connect them dynamiclly depend on client side's request, and vise versa.

Is ther is a way to connect them at run time?

Bobby Chen