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August 2, 2006, 23:26:47
I am using a DFK 31AF03 (Serial #44500062) color camera in a DirectShow application where the IAT_YUV.AX filter is being inserted in front of the renderer. The output of IAT_YUV.AX is always gray scale and shows a slight mosaic artifact.

Isn't the IAX_YUV filter supposed to convert the video to RGB? What could be wrong with it?

If I manually insert my own custom YUV to RGB conversion filter in front of the renderer, I get a wonderful color image. However, I want intelligent connection to work properly with the filter that comes with the driver. Note that IC Capture 1.1 provides a color image.

What's even more confusing is that when I insert a Unibrain Fire-i YUV decompressor I also get a gray scale image. It seems like some YUV to RGB converters don't like what this camera is putting out. But the Video Mixing renderer and my own YUV to RGB converter deal with it fine.

My driver version according to Device Manager is, installed from a disk that says IC Imaging Stand V.2.1Dio3.
The IAT_YUV filter is version

Perhaps I have a bad driver version for this camera version? Or is there some way to configure the IAT_YUV filter to provide RGB out from this device?

Steve Goodridge
Cary, NC

Johannes Vogel
August 4, 2006, 11:43:56

Please send a filter graph dump (or screen shot from GraphEdit) to support@imagingcontrol.com

This is not an IC related problem since you are using the DirectShow API directly.