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July 19, 2006, 20:38:27
Hello Stefan,

I’m using the "IC Imaging Control 2.1" with "DFx 21BF04" and I use external trigger.
The trigger is fired 48 times per minute and the problem is that sometimes one of the images that I get from buffer is all black. Why this happen ? I’m doing something wrong?

I’m using the following program:

__________________________________________________ ____

pGrabber->setSinkType(( DShowLib::FrameGrabberSink( DShowLib::FrameGrabberSink::tFrameGrabberMode::eGR AB, eRGB24) ));

pMemBuffColl = pGrabber->newMemBufferCollection(5);

pGrabber->setActiveMemBufferCollection( pMemBuffColl );

While(1) {

Frame1 = dlgw->Camera1->pGrabber->getFrameCount();

if (Frame1 != NFrames) { //new trigger fired has occured
NFrames = Frame1;

pBuffer1 = pGrabber->getActiveMemBuffer();

pbImgData = (RGB24Pixel*) pBuffer1->getPtr();

//Image processing

//Show Image



Best regards
Rui Costa

Stefan Geissler
July 20, 2006, 08:12:20
Hello Rui,

First of all: All automatics (exposure, gain and brightness) must be disabled if you use the external trigger. If they are enabled, you can get very strange results such as completely black or white images.

Also this is a known problem of the 2753 firmware of the camera. You may send a request to support@imagingcontrol.com so i can send you the newest firmware for your camera.

July 20, 2006, 09:24:02
Thanks Stefan,

All automatics (exposure, gain and brightness) are disabled in my program.
I will send a request to support@imagingcontrol.com to get the newest firmware for the camera, as suggest.

Thanks again,

Best regards
Rui costa

Stefan Geissler
July 20, 2006, 10:55:00

Got your request and will answer it today.