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May 30, 2006, 23:48:56
I'd like to access the current timestamp of the video when replaying so the time the video was captured can be displayed.

Also, I'd like to seek to a specific time in the video with the time information. So if the video was recorded from 10:00:00 to 10:10:00 I'd like to play starting at 10:05:00 for instance.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I'm using ASF files with C++.


I've attached the .mvp file I'm using.

May 31, 2006, 21:35:02
After some research I've found a way that seems to work and thought it might be useful for others.

Problem: Want to load video at a certain date time given a directory of many video files.

Solution: The IMVSCMediaSeeking gives offset information from the start of the video file but does not give the time or day it was recorded. Some windows media 9 offer ways to add information to files like a date/time stamp but then the file would have to be opened to know this information, too slow. If the video file is named with the time stamp the video file set could be easily searched and seeked to the correct starting point.


Marc Cymontkowski
June 1, 2006, 07:52:22

That sounds like a reasonable solution. Thanks for sharing it with the community!

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