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May 18, 2006, 09:20:12
I want to turn on a strobe out signal on my Flea camera from PointGrey.

Can I do that with IC Control. I have some source code from the manufactor, wich shows how to do it in directX:

The following code snippet gives an example of how to access extended registers
using the PGRStrm driver. In addition, registers such as white balance can be
accessed using the enumerated value of 'VideoProcAmp_WhiteBalance'. This can be
found with other register enumerated values in the DirectX 9.0 SDK available
from Microsoft.
/************************************************** ******************************/
/* Example code snippet used in MakeMenuOptions() of AMCap from DirectX 9.0 SDK */
/************************************************** ******************************/
#if 0

#include "PGRStrmReg.h"

IAMVideoProcAmp *pVP;

hr = gcap.pBuilder->FindInterface( &PIN_CATEGORY_CAPTURE,
gcap.pVCap, IID_IAMVideoProcAmp, (void **)&pVP);

long lValue;
long lFlags;

lFlags = 0;
lValue = 0x80030000; // turn on strobe
hr = pVP->Set( VideoProcAmp_PGR_REG_GPIO_CTRL_PIN_0, lValue, lFlags );
lValue = 0x11111111; // set delay and duration
hr = pVP->Set( VideoProcAmp_PGR_REG_GPIO_XTRA_PIN_0, lValue, lFlags );

hr = pVP->Get( VideoProcAmp_PGR_REG_GPIO_CTRL_PIN_0, &lValue, &lFlags );
// lValue should be 0x80030000
hr = pVP->Get( VideoProcAmp_PGR_REG_GPIO_XTRA_PIN_0, &lValue, &lFlags );
// lValue should be 0x11111111



Can I get a handle from IC Control to the directX "stuff" and do this "manual"?


Stefan Geissler
May 18, 2006, 15:13:24

I have no personal experience with the point grey cameras, but i guess, these properties are not accessable though IC Imaging Control. IC Imaging Control does not export any DirectShow handles.