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April 22, 2006, 14:29:15

I am developing a video surveillance application using 4 cameras and
I have some questions as followings :

1) Can I use multiple cameras and multiple windows (ie 1 window per camera)
for my app? If you can, please tell me how to change/control(on or off) among the cameras(Video Sources) without Video Source ComboBox and Input Selection ComboBox on my app and only using source code (Delphi 7)?

2) Similarly 1), Can I use multiple Network Render or Source Filters (ie 1 filter per camera, same ip address and difference send port #) for my app?

Please tell me as possible as quickly.

Best regards,

Marc Cymontkowski
April 23, 2006, 16:57:17
Hi Byun,

1) You can use the MontiVision Smart Control in Slave Mode, please have a look at the Smart Control Documentation (http://www.montivision.com/support/documentation/noframes/source/smart%20control/howtos/howto_multiple_video.htm) and the FindObject Sample Application (MontiVision Sample Applications (http://www.montivision.com/support/documentation/noframes/source/smart%20control/smart_control_samples.htm#vbnet))

You can control the video source settings through the appropriate interfaces of the Smart Control, e.g. IMVSCSetupVideoStream2 (http://www.montivision.com/support/documentation/noframes/source/smart%20control/interfaces/imvscsetupvideostream2.htm)

2) Yes, you can.

Best Regards,

Marc Cymontkowski

April 23, 2006, 20:07:03
Thank you very^100 for your the fastest answer of the world!! ^.^

I'll try some coding as your kindly answer today.

And I have already bought your Image Processing SDK, Edu. Version.

Best Regards,