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April 19, 2006, 15:43:31
Hi Stefan,
I have finally got my application working, switching between any 3 of 5 firewire cameras and grabbing video from all simultaneously but have encountered a problem. The ICImaging controls are all live updating and are sized using LiveDisplayHeight etc. When I grab in Y800 mode (using DFK 21BF04 cameras) I can display an overlay without problems. But, if I use UYVY mode and overlays all i can do is grab a 'blank' video ie every frame is black but the video is correctly formed. If i switch off the overlays, the video is recorded properly ie i can see the images. Any ideas, i really need UYVY, overlays etc etc.

Stefan Geissler
April 19, 2006, 16:06:53

If the live video is resized, then the CPU load raised very fast.

Can you see the live video with an overlay, if only one camera runs? If not: The default dropout color of the overlay bitmaps should be RGB 0 0 0 (black) this means, all black pixels are not displayed. You may set the dropout color explicitly to black to make sure is has been set correctly:

If you can see the live video with overlay on one stream, then you may open the second one and check, whether it is visible. If the second video can be seen with overlay proceed with the third one. I know, it is just a little bit testing around...