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February 26, 2006, 19:03:45
I am trying to develop a filter to do stereo disparity using a some OpenCV functions. It would be great to use montivision, especially since it needs to be done rapidly (by 02/29/06). Does anyone know if it is possible to take two different inputs from a capture board in to montivision? That is take streams from two different cameras attached to the processing board and use things like MergeFrames filter?

M. Todd Farrell


Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Marc Cymontkowski
February 27, 2006, 10:07:31
Dear Todd,

it is possible to do that with capture boards using multiple aquisition chips (e.g. four BT878) in case the vendor provides WDM Stream Class drivers (DirectShow/DirectX compatible) for their hardware.

I don't know whether Euresys provides WDM Stream class drivers.

We successfully tested multi stream capture from capture cards with the IDS Falcon Quattro (http://www.ids-imaging.de/www/index.php?lang=en) and iEi cards (http://www.ieiworld.com/en/product_IPC.asp?model=IVC-200G).

Best Regards,

Marc Cymontkowski