View Full Version : Error running a graph with MV Network Source

Matteo Dip
February 24, 2006, 16:56:31
I'm experimenting with the filters MV Network Renderer/Source (trial version), that fit my current needs.
I did, in Graphedit, two simple graphs as

Video Source -> compressor -> MV Network Renderer

MV Network Source -> decompressor -> Video Renderer

They work well, independent of the compressor used (even MV MJPEG).
The problem arises when I develop my C# application: I created both graphs (configuring correctly the client/server properties), I run the trasmitter graph (it works, tested with a receiver graph in GraphEdit), but when I run the receiver graph in application I got the following situation:

IMediaControl::Run() returns 1 (S_FALSE), but if IMediaControl::GetState() returns that the filter is running.

I haven't any data out of MV Network Source. The function that create the graph is correct, because if I substitute the Network Source with a video source everything is ok.

How can I solve this one? Thank you in advance.

Bernd Peretzke
February 27, 2006, 09:17:16

Using the MV Network Source filter isn't easy. So we have to check some things. First is to check if the application have create the complete filter graph. Therefore use the "Connect to Graph" function from the "File" menu of the MV Workbench. It should show the complete filter graph.
If the filter graph is complete check the Status property from the IMVNetworkSource interface or open the filter property page with the IMVSCFilterProperties interface from the MV Smart Control.
If the filter graph isn't correct the source filter didn't have media type information from the source filter during filter graph creation. You application has to handle the OnFilterCreated event from the MV Smart Control. In the event handler you have to setup the MV Network Filter Source filter and have to wait until it receives mediatype information (IMVNetworkSource::Status >= MV_NETWORK_STATUS_RECEIVE_MEDIATYPE ). Then the filter could connect to other filters.