View Full Version : Capturing "overlay"

February 15, 2006, 13:08:28
I have read that IC Imaging Control .NET supports overlays.
Will/can these overlays be saved into the file when capturing the stream?
E.g.: can I dispaly the running time in the video stream?

Thx in advance

Stefan Geissler
February 15, 2006, 13:36:31

Yes. You can place the Overlays on different places:
- directly behind the device, that means the overlay is saved in the visible live video and the saved video stream.
- in the display path, that means, the overlay is only visible on the live display and not in the saved video
- in the sink path, that means, the overlay is only saved to the video stream and not visible on the live stream.

You can combine the overlays in the pathes as wanted.