View Full Version : How i can connect my usb camera olympus with this control?

February 13, 2006, 22:24:31
So, I´m a spanish guy and my english is very bad.ç

My question is how i can connect my usb camera (olympus c-370) with this control???

I seen the samples of this control but when i´m going to select the device i cant it the device name on the combobox is n/a

And i dont know how can do it

Please help!!

One mre time: sorry, my english is very bad jejeje

Stefan Geissler
February 14, 2006, 08:06:39

I assume that the olympus C370 camera does not come with a WDM driver. It will be reconized in Windows XP not as a camera but as a disk drive, so you can download the images from it. Thus i think, the Olympus c-370 is not usable with IC Imaging Control.

Please do not worry about your english! Since i am able to understand, it is good enough.