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February 11, 2006, 08:07:37
I want to capture video from a webcam and broadcast it on the network using DirectShow as one of my final projects of my engineering degree. I am able to capture the video and preview it live! But unable to broadcast... saw the DSNetwork example but was not of much help since it allows only MPEG-2 format.

Bernd Peretzke
February 13, 2006, 14:27:15
Hi Anonymous,

It's difficult to help you without any information. If you want to stream your video, for example 640*480 YUV with 10 fps, uncompressed over a network you need round about 50 MBits per second only for the video data. So normally you need video compression for broadcasting video streams. You could use MJPEG if you didn't want to /can't use MPEG. The DSNetwork sample is a sample. You can extend this sample to send your stream instead of the MPEG stream.

An other question is what type of clients you want to use. If you want to use stream clients like VLan you have to send a komplient stream.

Our Development Kit contains network renderer and source filter that handles a wide range of media formats. You could use them for simple network connections.