View Full Version : Filters not available in menus

December 12, 2005, 15:10:31
I have been installing filters from elecard and i can now see them in the Extras->Change Filters Category. But i cant find them in the menus in the left side of the application. I have searched them all and found about half.

Is there any way to get the filters in from other places than the menu to the left? Can i get them from the dialog box in the Extras->change Filters or some where else?

Also i have tried to set the category to a couple of things but with no luck. They just dont show up. (I have tried to close/opne the application and even tried rebooting)

Any help would be _very_ appreciated!

Thanks in advance

Bernd Peretzke
December 12, 2005, 15:52:23

If the filters are not shsown in the filter bars on the left side of the application they are not present. The dialog Extras->Change Filters Category shows also smoe non installed filters.
Are you sure that installed filters are not present? You can check this with the DSFilterSpy application from my private website www.bernd-peretzke.de (http://www.bernd-peretzke.de). The page is in gernam but the application is in english. This application enumerates all registered DirectShow filters.