View Full Version : property access without admin rights

Stefan Ey
November 7, 2005, 10:46:04

how can i access the property page when i don't have admin rights under windows 2000?

Which settings i must change to get access?

Here is the code, it's works finely with admin rights.

bool bEnableTrigger = m_chkTrigger.GetCheck() != 0;
if(m_pGrabber->getExternalTrigger() != bEnableTrigger)
if(m_pGrabber->showVCDPropertyPage(NULL, m_pGrabber->getDev().getName()))
bEnableTrigger = m_pGrabber->getExternalTrigger();



thx Stefan

Stefan Geissler
November 15, 2005, 14:10:00
Hello Stefan,

We tried this with a limited account on Windows XP and the Sample DemoApplication. It worked without any problems. The property page is in the ICPropertypages.dll. It is registered with "regsvr32.exe". The "*.vda" files must reside in the same directory as the "ICPropertypages.dll"

What happens on your computer in the limited account?