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October 6, 2005, 23:36:42
I am using IC Imaging Control ClassLib v 1.4 to build a Visual C++ 6.0 application. I am also building a Visual Studio Installer (msi) application to distribute the VC++ application and all the required (tca, dll, ax) files on a client machine. VS Installer recommends using "Associations" to properly register components (ovlip.ax, mediasamplegrabber.ax, UYVYTrans.ax), but doing so requires a type library for each component. The registry editor does not indicate a type library for these files on the development system. Are type libraries available for the ax files?

Stefan Geissler
October 7, 2005, 08:08:29

AX files are filters, they have no type library. They are only to be registered with
regsvr32 ovlip.ax


If the msi Install is too complicated, try the freed Inno setup. I found it easy to use. You can download it from