View Full Version : Camera Synchronization

September 15, 2005, 08:53:27

I'm stuck with the MV Camera Synchronization filter. Can somebody explain how it works or which modules you have to connect?
I have now 2 DV camera sources connected to the inputs of the filter and to the output of the filter there a two video renderers.
However I only get two black capture frames without video. When I connect the 2 camera's without the Synchronization filter I get
two nice video captures frames. So do you know how to solve this problem?
I very much would like to synchronize the two camera's, that's why I am very interested in this software.

Another question is about the I/O Boolean source. Is it possible to connect this component to two or more devices instead to only one?
I would like to trigger two processes at once with only one boolean switch.

Thank you very much.