View Full Version : SnapImage timeout problem

August 5, 2005, 09:09:08
I use a DMK21BF04 with an external trigger signal.
I have activated the trigger signal and when I call SnapImage with no timeout (i.e. -1), everything works well except the application is stucked waiting for the trigger to arrive.

In my application the trigger can be very slow (several seconds) and the software is not responding.

So I tried to call SnapImage with a timeout value (for example 1000). If a trigger occured before the timeout it returns 1 (ok). If no trigger occured it returns 0.

:confused: After that timeout I restart a SnapImage, to catch
further trigger. But it always returns 0, even if a trigger occured !!!
I don't understand why.

In the ICcapture Trial version, even when you activate the trigger, the software responds quickly to user clicks. How do you make it ?


Note : I use the C Wrapper DLL Wrapper_2005_06_30.zip

Johannes Vogel
August 5, 2005, 11:22:47
There is a new version of the C wrapper that provides a asynchonous grab. Please write an eMail to support@imagingcontrol.com in order to get the new version of the C wrapper.