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August 4, 2005, 15:48:13
I can't seem to the get icImagingControl1.VCDPropertyItems.Load() method to work. I am passing it a string that was made using the icImagingControl1.VCDPropertyItems.Save() method. I test it by doing the save command. Then I manually change in the ShowPropertyDialog() the exposure to a different value. Then I use the Load() method, but it doesn't seem to change it back to what it was saved as. Is there something else I have to do to force the settings to be in effect? I have verified that the string saved looks good with all the pertinent information in XML format.

My intent is to persist the VCD property xml string to a file to be used as defaults for the next time the session is started. Like an INI file sort of. By the way, I notice that the VCD props are saved as well using the icImagingControl1.SaveDeviceStateToFile() method. Again as well, the icImagingControl1.LoadDeviceStateFromFile() refuses to populate the VCD settings upon reading it.

The camera I'm using is: DMK 21F04
IC Imaging Control 2.1


Johannes Vogel
August 4, 2005, 17:26:38
I suggest, you write a very simple program that demostrates the error and send it to support@imagingcontrol.com