View Full Version : Camera triggering details

August 4, 2005, 07:13:09
I have been struggling to get two DBK 21BF04 cameras synced. After I found out that they do not sync automatically through the firewire interface, I have built a simple TTL signal generator to give it a trigger pulse between 8-30Hz. Unfortunatelly the cameras don't react at all to the trigger, there is no image returned. I am using the sample application to set all the auto parameters off, especially auto exposure. Also I tried setting the camera to 30Hz and 15Hz to see if that makes a difference.

The documentation on how to trigger the cameras is very vague. I don't know if the camera is looking for the rising or falling edge of the pulse. Is there a minimum or maximum pulse width? What is the minimum or maximum pulse frequency? All these things would be crutial to know.

So, here is my trigger signal definition. Frequency: 8-30Hz variable. Duty cycle 40-60% depending on frequency. Voltage: 5V.

Can you please advise weather the trigger signal is of the right form?

Thank You,
Zsolt Mathe