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June 8, 2005, 09:17:30
hi sirs,
I am evaluating the possibility to design and implement a windows based system to capture video from 3 videocamera at 30 FPS.
The camera model that I choose is XCD-X710CR and I use a PC with 3 1394 Firewire interface on board.
Do you think it's possible to obtain 30 FPS storage for every camera at the same time?
I am using an high performance pc.

PS I have to store the same phenomena, from three different points of view...

Thank you in advance

Stefan Geissler
June 8, 2005, 13:07:46

I am not sure, whether the CR camera is the correct camera for you. I guess, you want to use this camera, because you want to write uncompressed video to harddisc and debayer (calculate the image colors) the images later. If these raw images are compressed by a codec, then you would not be able to calculate a colored image from the raw data.

If you want to save monochrome or colored AVI files, then you should consider to use a XCD X710 or DFW SX 710 camera.

To get informations about the performance, you should calculate the amount of data. This is the resolution multiplied by the number of bytes used per pixel multiplied by the count of cameras multiplied by the frame rate. Check, whether the PCI bus is able to handle this. If the bus can not handle so much data, you will get many disturbed images to be saved in you AVI.

Also you should check, whether your harddisk is able to handle such amount of data. If codecs are used to compress the images (this means you should not use the CR camera) then the amount of data to be saved to harddisk can be reduced.

You may download the trial version of IC Capture to make some tests. (http://www.1394imaging.com/products/software/iccapture/)