View Full Version : 50% of frmes dropping in uncompressed mode

May 29, 2005, 06:58:30
I have the following equipment:

Dell Inspiron 2650 laptop P4 1.6GHZ 256 MB RAM
Adaptec Duo Connect USB2 / Firewire PCMCIA card
DMK21BF04 firewire camera
USB 2 external hard drive

I plug the external USB 2 hd and DMK camera into the dual Adaptec card, which IS powered. I then attempt uncompressed AVI captures and send stream to the external USB 2 hd. About 55% of frames are captured at 15 fps (the desired speed)- the rest are dropped. How can I solve this and get 90% or better captures?

If I send the video stream to the internal hard drive, at 15 fps, I get no dropped frames, but this drive is too small and I had hoped I could use the external drive. Should the external drive be upgraded to firewire instead of USB 2 and would that eliminate or greatly reduce dropped frames?

I just upgraded the cardbus and Intel chip drivers in the computer. This upgrade enabled both the camera and hard drive to function simultaneously on the same card, but the dropped frames are still present.

Any help would be appreciated.


Stefan Geissler
May 30, 2005, 10:28:09

In my personal opinion, this is a problem of your DELL Inspiron. Please contact the DELL support about this issue, they should be informed about this issue and be able to help you. Sorry, i can not give you a better answer.

Also the you should keep in mind, that the internal harddisk is most times better connected to the computers hardware then an external one.

You have connected both devices to just one interface card. This means, you have two big streams, one in and one out. This is a lot of work for one adapter card.