View Full Version : whow to kill Control when blocking

May 12, 2005, 12:16:55

I wrote a program using your control in a thread that is waiting on the return of MemorySnapImage.

If I want to end my application i have to kill the process because im not able to get your control out of this methode.

Unfortunately using MemorySnapTimeout prevents MemorySnapImage to get an image on an external trigger.

Is it possible to shut your contol down in an ordered way?

kind regards
Klaus Dums

Stefan Geissler
May 12, 2005, 15:54:47
Hello Klaus,

No there is no way. You need another approach, if you trigger.
You should use the ImageAvailable event of IC Imaging Control. It is called, when a new frame is delivered. To use it, you must also set LiveCaptureContinous to True.
Then you call LiveStart(). If a trigger signal occurs to your camera, an image is delivered and the ImageAvailable event is called.
You can close your application an any time, because this approach does not block your application.