View Full Version : Network renderer

May 6, 2005, 10:00:49

I have the graph contain MV Demo Source, Smart Tee, Video Render and MV NetworkRenderer on the server, and I have the graph contain MV NetworkSource and Video Render on the client. Client and server connect in Microsoft domain. If client connect to network then all OK, but if client is not connect, my graph on server's side don't work, status of NetworkRenderer is 'Send Mediatype Info', click 'Apply' don't affect.

Help me please!!

Bernd Peretzke
May 9, 2005, 11:31:18

I can't see your problem. What means "graph on server side don't work"? Should the server send data to an unknown client?

But the status "Send Mediatype Info" ins't correct if the server graph runs. If the server graph runs he should send samples (and mediatype info) or nothing. Nothing if there are network errors.


May 11, 2005, 17:58:39
Sorry for my inaccuracy. Yes, server send data to an unknown client, my problem is freeze picture in Video Render.