View Full Version : Other ExternalTransportModes?

April 20, 2005, 18:12:40
In the IC Imaging Control ActiveX there are only five ExternalTransportModes available. Do you have any other control or property that would make it possible to access the other modes such as "Record" and "Record-Pause"?

Stefan Geissler
April 21, 2005, 12:44:52

in the class library are following external transport modes defined:

ED_MODE_PLAY Play 4296
ED_MODE_STOP Stop 4297
ED_MODE_FREEZE Freeze (pause) 4298
ED_MODE_THAW Resume 4299
ED_MODE_FF Fast forward 4300
ED_MODE_REW Rewind 4301
ED_MODE_RECORD Record 4302
ED_MODE_RECORD_STROBE Record single frame 4303
ED_MODE_STEP_FWD Single step forward 4304
ED_MODE_STEP_REV Single step backward 4305

For some reason, they are not implements in the OCX. You may try the numbers, i wrote after each enum. I did not try this actually on my own.