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March 30, 2005, 18:51:51
I´m using your network renderer/source
In the client side, I want to process the frame received and I want to save it into an avi file, something like this

networkSource->decompressor->Inf Pin Filter->processing->AviMux->FileWriter

I try to stop the graph but it tells me it can not pause the graph within 10 seconds, If I don´t stop the graph the avi file I get is a wrong avi file.

Any suggestion? Maybe it´s not possible to do something like this?

Marc Cymontkowski
April 1, 2005, 12:20:48

it is possible if you use a simple frame based compression like MJPEG. For now it is not possible to do this with streaming media like MPEG4/DivX.

I know that some customers use MPEG2 compression for transmission over a network, maybe someone in the forum can comment on this?

Best Regards,

Marc Cymontkowski