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March 25, 2005, 02:42:27
MontiVision Logo has got centered in the renderer so that it caused bad conditions for motion capturing , rendering optical flow and other processings.
I use the free SDK that is the unregister version.
Anyway still now, I can test to process tasks because they set the logo on the top left corner.
Why the logo was changed in the center now? and how does it change back?
Must I purchase the license to remove the logo?I'm sorry I can't take the price on this soon.

Marc Cymontkowski
April 1, 2005, 11:24:18

Yes, after a period of time the logo moves from the top left corner to the center. The only way to remove the logo is to license the product.

If it is very urgent, we can create a time limited trial license for you. It will remove the logo, but it will completely disable the functionality of the developemnt kit after the trial time expired.

After that trial period you definitely have to purchase a full license to continue working with the product.

Best Regards,

Marc Cymontkowski