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February 16, 2005, 14:02:48
I'm using IC Imaging Control 2.0 for capturing and saving synchronized images from a pair of Sony cameras. To synchronize the images captured from the cameras, I am using an external trigger.
I use the simlpy the maemorysnapimages and memorysaveimage functions for the two device to capture the triggered images from the left and right cameras. But it fails: It seems the images aren't synchronized. Why is this happening ?
Which other functions could I use to snap and save synchronized images?
Have anybody any VB code in same topic?
Thanks. Z

Stefan Geissler
February 17, 2005, 10:30:00

First of all, you way to synchronize and snap the images seems to be absolutely correct.
The cameras should be setup identical, e.g. same exposure.
I would like to know, whether the images are synchronized, if only one trigger pulse is raised. What makes you think, the images are not synchronized?